Birrificio Angelo Poretti

Packaging design

New entries want to steal the show! A new minimal and unconventional look for an icon that needs no introduction.

poretti 9 luppoli 33cl photo compositing


Giving new purpose to the range of specialty beers by creating a sub-range identity that maintains consistency and a sense of belonging with the large brand family. Being disruptive is key when trying to maximise impact on the shelf and attract a young target.

Strategic concept

A new mood, a new style that stems from the current label and reduces the number of colours to create a layout with a very strong visual impact. Colour and minimalism are the ambassadors of creativity, giving shape to a new, iconic and unconventional design, with the power to win the hearts of new generations.

We are proud to be unique

Colour your world

The striking impact is what stands out first to consumers. This is the reason, why it is so important and meaningful. A colour isn’t just a colour, it’s a message, it’s a promise, it’s an identity.

Poretti beer photo composition

Colour becomes identity

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poretti 7 luppoli graphic compositing