Protein & fiber

Packaging design

An innovation in the Morato range with a new product positioning. The first bread on the market that combines the hearty goodness of fresh and tasty bread with the ideal characteristics for wellness addicts. More and more consumers are looking for protein-rich meals. This is why communication needs to be bold.

morato protein & fiber visual composition


Creating naming and design that can seamlessly fit into both the “bread” and “protein-rich” categories. Identifying styles that can enhance this cross positioning. There are two goals: creating an out-of-the-box design to enhance the product promise and at the same time maintaining a family feeling with the remaining Morato ranges. Catch the attention of new potential customers, attracting a new target with different needs.

Strategic concept

Studying a design concept that expresses itself through “bread-related” terms, and at the same time plays with the strength and the bold language of protein-rich products through the colour black and striking typography. The tone of voice and styles have been taken from protein products - which are usually far from the world of bread - to make sure the product and its “reason to believe” have excellent visibility on the shelf. Soft and tasty slices prepared with 100% natural ingredients and 10g of protein per serving. Balance is key for a product that straddles two market sectors. A strong and clear message conveyed with boldness and smoothness at the same time.

Protein world

Although the protein category is gaining market share on the shelf, the bread category is still anchored to different values such as goodness, quality of ingredients, usability and softness. With “Protein and fiber”, Morato’s search for innovation takes the product to the next level.

Protein is the new black

Double team

The visual design has a double face. One side focuses on conveying the naked product and its reason to believe, while the other side shows a recipe for fitness lovers who want to liven up the slice of bread and create a healthy pre- or post-workout snack.

morato food style photography
morato packaging retro