Coppa Malù

Strategic rebranding

Temptation has never been so damn tasty! We made no compromises when creating the new brand positioning that is focused on appetite appeal, indulgence, delight and quality, and aimed at inspiring new consumers and spotlighting a never-ending icon of the past. A product to enjoy with the family for an exquisite experience of pleasure and deliciousness.


A dated brand and visual identity where both logo and product visuals need a breath of fresh air to meet the challenges of the market. A new target positioning that seeks to catch the attention of the next generation, needs a rebranding, making sure to establish a new perception of the product.

Strategic Concept

Design beauty in its essence gives life to a dessert that is impossible to resist to. Design beauty makes the difference. And this is heightened by a new, trendy and friendly logo design that can be perceived as contemporary and winks at a classic background that has made history. Be bold and simple to make it stand out on the shelf and convey all its values and attributes. Top level photography and high-end post production are our pride and joy.

Coppa Malù graphic packaging restyle
Malù 3d packaging composition

Details make the difference

The colour code is the protagonist of every single flavour; an impressive brand block is essential to create a meaningful system that strengthens the family feeling identity. Cup and spoon, two different representations on the packaging to enhance the goodness of the product. An irresistible temptation. Strong, contrasting colours strengthen every single visual message.

Taste meets beauty

malu caffè malu cioccolato
Coppa Malù dal gusto irresistibile