Shopper Activation

It’s Aperitivo time and Christmas is coming. Join us and enjoy every single moment together.


Identifying a strategic concept idea for creating a bold category consumer activation. Creating a premium modular structure at the point of sale for a specific drinking experience that enhances the alcoholic and non-alcoholic brands in the portfolio. Goal: great aesthetic impact, study of engagement and interaction materials and finishing details for a wow effect throughout the path to purchase. Stand out and take the stage as only Campari can do.

Strategic Concept

The idea is to build “The House of the Aperitif “by Campari by designing a magnificent, modular structure that balances communication and product positioning and is suitable for fitting into different types of exhibition space. The outstanding and glorious design plays with materials, including wood and lights to enhance the Christmas spirit. The visual identity is both delicate and essential so that it can be used after the activation period.

Shop! Award

Shop! Design Award

The activation project "LA CASA DELL’APERITIVO – ISOLA NATALE TOP" for our client Campari Group, for which we created the Concept idea & Design, has recently won the GOLD recognition of the SHOP! Awards Paris 2023 in the category "boisson alcoolisée".

Campari Casa Aperitivo

3D Concept Design

detail closeup design