Brand restyling

Iconic and deeply rooted in Italian culture. A special brand, loved by a whole country, generation after generation, willing to renovate its look, while remaining faithful to its own values of naturalness, quality, freshness and simplicity that only nature can create.

vallelata before-after packaging


Renewing and repositioning a true Italian icon while maintaining the heart of the brand’s identity. The goal is to further strengthen the loyalty of the brand’s most trusted consumers and at the same time capture the attention of younger targets who keep a very close eye on naturally good foods. Innovating with a young, natural, eye-catching and welcoming design that can boost the current perception of the brand.

Strategic concept

Nature is all around us, wrapping us in a reassuring embrace, because we trust nature.Focus is the key word. The aim is to avoid losing information and the consumer’s attention. Everything revolves around the brand that is the lynchpin of communication. A brand communication that uses a natural approach to convey the product, drawing on simplicity and promoting freshness, 100% Italian milk and pure goodness that will amaze you from the first bite.

The range

A large family of products with several technical constraints and values, combined with an even higher number of sizes and different packaging and printing techniques. Imagination and beauty meet design, bringing the future to life.

closeup illustration vallelata
cow illustrated

Nature is all around us. There's something to suit everybody's fancy!

vallelata photo composition ricotta
vallelata packaging composition
vallelata photo composition cestello