S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna

Immersive collection

Pentawards 2022 - bronze

For the first time, the two top fine-dining water brands par excellence joined hands to tell a story that celebrates their unique heritage. The acclaim of their unique qualities, a design concept and storytelling that visually communicates the key values and unmistakable traits of the two products.

Pentawards 2022 SanPellegrino bottle photography


Combining two different brand personalities and identifying a story that can enhance their complementarity in an exclusive and super premium dual edition. Assessing the limits and feasibility of glass design by fully developing its technical potential. Enhancing the packaging as a bridge connecting other touchpoints, and ensuring an all-round experience. Areas of work: concepting, glass design and label design.

Strategic Concept

Observing water in nature as a means of finding its truest essence. The sensorial characteristics of water permeate the design of both the glass and the label, bringing tangible form to the experience on the palate. The vertical lines represent the gentle bubbles of S.Pellegrino rising to the surface and tickling the palate; the horizontal waves tell the story of the balanced flavour of Acqua Panna, taking the consumer on a journey across Tuscany, soaring above centuries-old rock formations.

Pentawards 2022 Acqua Panna bottle Photography

Water in its truest essence, still or sparkling.

Join the journey

The special packaging enhances the essence of the concept chosen. S.Pellegrino sees gentle bubbles created with different effects on several levels, whilst Acqua Panna features pared-back, balanced waves. Two different sides of the same spirit, working together to activate all the senses and arouse emotions.

Pentawards 2022 Immersive Collection SanPellegrino & Acqua Panna bottles photography
Limited edition Immersive collection


Unboxing has become one of the hottest trends in recent years, and has now become an essential element of a successful user experience. The team conceived a 3-step unveiling/opening process, slowing it down as far as possible. The aim was to heighten expectation to the max... and avoid any disappointment!

Couvette glorifier limited edition Immersive collection
Couvette glorifier limited edition Immersive collection