Brand restyling

The most famous Italian soda is ready to change its soul. A world full of colours and happiness. A new design will change the aperitif world forever.


A new brand positioning to work outside the box and shift an old-style brand into a modern, joyful brand that speaks for itself. Defining a new, captivating language the brand could make its own, keeping in mind the recognizability that such a well-known and beloved product needs to maintain.

Strategic Concept

Sanbittèr gets a makeover: a fresher, sparkling more colourful and more appetising package. Sanbittèr remodels its look into an explosion of vibrant energy and colour. It invites consumers to enjoy convivial company, to mix and create glamorous cocktails and to enjoy the new, easy-going product straight from the bottle.

sanbittèr packaging

New Positioning

Sanbittèr’s colour red is lighter, younger and brighter - ready to intrigue like never before. Seeking to be cutting-edge, exciting, unexpected and bold, it introduces a new, super colourful and highly inspiring product range. Create a flavourful taste experience with a young and fizzy spirit, making consumers change their perception of the brand: from serious and elegant to friendly and joyful.

sanbittèr old graphic design
sanbittèr new graphic design
sanbittèr old and new graphic design
sanbittèr dry packaging
sanbittèr glass photo composition

Tutti i colori dell'aperitivo

sanbittèr fruity range
sanbittèr agrumi packaging

Fruity Design

The visual points at mixability, and the colour code helps the consumer perceive flavour. The glass design has a contemporary style. In addition to defining the shape, a texture has been added that gives a fizzy sensation to the touch, teasing the palate even before drinking.

sanbittèr fruity range bottles