Nestlé - Mio

Brand restyling

Let’s embrace the taste of sun! With its sunny essence, Mio introduces taste as a co-star. Have a closer look and find out what revolves around the sun!

mio packaging


Defining a new pack architecture that gives importance to the brand and the sun. Adding a new value to the brand block and capturing consumers’ attention by focusing on taste, different flavours and goodness. Considering two different targets - parents and children - and focusing on catching their attention.

Strategic concept

The idea is to place the brand block at the centre as the main actor, while everything revolves around it, gravitating towards the sun: its attractiveness is too strong, it is irresistible, just like the Mio range. New appeal, same unique yumminess.

Can nutrition really be this tasty? The sun is at the centre.

mio packaging BANANA
mio old style
mio brand restyle
mio brand restyle

the Yummy locomotive

Yum Yum! The train’s coming and it’s full of tasty adventures! Just hop on collecting the pots, and start your journey. Growing up has never been so amazing. Let’s try every flavour.

mio 3d packaging composition