Brand restyle

A new taste explosion is on shelf. A new young ground-breaking design meets an iconic product, yearning to be tasted by everyone, spoonful after spoonful. Ingredients and colors stand out and scream a new catchy logo design: let’s discover the new Kyr!


Evolving the brand to strengthen the product's current consumers and enticing a younger target to discover the brand. Creating a new logo design, developing a new contemporary look, while maintaining brand recognition. Giving the product the importance it deserves, boosting appetite appeal.

Strategic concept

The creative concept focuses on a new bold iconic look, while working on a new brand positioning and brand identity. The key words are “style”, “yumminess” and “colour”. For young and adults. Who can resist such a temptation? Execution shifts the communication strategy from a more traditional style to a much more indulgent approach, fully revealing the taste and goodness of the product to consumers and shoppers. The new design is ready to make a lasting impression on a young target audience.

Logo design

The logo has a completely new design to convey the new reasons to believe of the product, with curvy and soft indulgent lines. Even the colour has changed, from an anonymous black to a softer, more indulgent brown. The payoff is positioned above the logo to make it stand out. New look, new style, same great taste.

kyr graphic composition
kyr spoon composition
kyr old style
kyr brand restyle
kyr brand restyle

Super Yummy
Taste meets design

kyr packaging photo composition 2