dalla padella alla brace

Concept, Branding and packaging design

Grilled or cooked in a pan, Dalla Padella alla Brace is the best choice. It doesn’t matter if you’re a master chef or a beginner, being BBQ addicted is what matters!
An exciting new brand dedicated to all grill lovers.

dalla padella alla brace packaging


Naming, branding, visual identity and packaging design for the new range of products: a high-quality and ready-to-cook meat. Focusing on a young and vibrant target, who loves to grill and share BBQ experiences with friends, with the objective to enter a growing market.

Strategic concept

The consumption occasion becomes the major actor, catching the attention of consumers. Different cooking methods are suggested on the packaging to get the best out of your barbecue. The name of the product plays with the saying “out of the pan onto the grill” (in Italian “dalla padella alla brace”), giving the product a double meaning that is easy to remember.

Brand identity

A simple design with eye-catching, mouth-watering product shots. A young and dynamic mood with western traits but combined with an Italian soul, using items of the BBQ world such as wood and stone textures, flames and smoke. Two visual styles have been developed to represent the two souls of the brand name: a photographic composition on the front of the package and an unconventional illustrative one on the back.

The easiest way to become a BBQ master!