Bic Oroscopo

Concept and Illustration

Light the horoscope. Illustration mood on, time to have fun and be creative. Looking into the future has never been so cheeky.

Lighter Bic illustration


Looking for a creative concept that sticks out and captures the attention of Generation Z. Innovating by creating disruptive illustrations that break the rules and represent each zodiac sign with a strong, clear and impactful look that catches the consumer’s eye in less than 3 seconds. The impulse channel needs to be quick, there’s no time to waste.

Strategic Concept

Power to communication. Make room for visual illustrations. Communicate the unexpected, be irreverent, heighten and strengthen your emotions. Become anyone’s object of desire. And last but not least, make everyone smile. The right trend, the perfect mood, the proper style are the ingredients for success.

Oroscopo illustration
Lighter clouseup


Illustration is art, designing illustrations is a strategic process. Combining creativity and communication with target analysis and trends is the right mix in order to catch the consumer attention quickly and successfully.The agency focuses on incredible, extraordinary and unique visualisations each single time. It never forgets that behind art there is a deep study to identify what to convey, which tone of voice to use, spanning through a wide range of styles and trends, with the ultimate aim of achieving the desired communication goals.

Bic Lighters
Bic Lighters

Switch it on and look at the stars. Creativity is never ending, like a flowing river.

Lighter composition
bic gamma